The Special

MUDOA is just a group of young people who likes to work together. We are designers, engineers and marketers. Every day we share our ideas, sometimes argue, sometimes cheer. We try to catch every cheer moment to provide you THE piece of watch.
Nowadays, everyone has cellphone. Do we still need watches? Why not? Phones don’t keep you punctual, Watches do. A wristwatch is the most convenient way to tell the time. Additionally, Watches look really good with any outfit. They add an air of luxury and togetherness to a person. That ray of light reflecting off the crystal of a well-made watch is eye-catching and appealing.
Every time when I look around, I see different materials, every thing except nature. Sometimes I want to escape for just a while.
Wood is our gift by nature. And I think it is super stylish and fancy. Every piece of wood has its own grain. That means every piece of wood is unique.